May 25, 2015

I am Peopleweavertoo.

I am a curious observer with a keen eye for detail.

I am determined.

When my mother was the Director for the Central Region of the

Ontario Crafts Council she attended an event at the Whetung Ojibwa Crafts and Art Gallery on the Curve Lake Native Reserve.

In conversation with the Executive Director and owner Michael Whetung, mom was asked what her craft was. She explained that she didn’t craft or create; it was her husband who made the “Pine Islands”, while it was she that managed the business.

After a pause, Michael Whetung pronounced “You are a weaver, you weave together organizations, groups and individuals to accomplish tasks, you are a peopleweaver. I will call you, Peopleweaver”.

Mom said her eyes welled up; her response was a simple thank you. To have been named thusly was an honour, a name that fit her like a glove was most extraordinary.

I am Peopleweavertoo.

I inherited the gift, the uncanny ability of knowing how to connect like with like, of being able to make connections between people.

I bring warp and weft together. Strong connections. Brilliant colours. Positive outcomes.

I weave words into sentences.

I am Penelope.

I am Peopleweavertoo.


me and mom

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