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Creating Community

November 4, 2015

Having a strong sense of community contributes to the overall wellbeing for those living there. Being active in your community is a rich investment with an infinite rate of return!  

The rewards are both emotional and financial; when we support local, we invest in our community, and money spent in our community stays in our community. In the process we make connections with the people who grow our food, produce what we need, create and inspire us, bake our breads, pour our drinks, serve our meals, provide us services, entertain us and educate us. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Growing up in a pre-confederation village where neighbours knew my every move had obvious drawbacks as a teenager, but it affirmed the quality of life I learnt to be necessary to thrive. Moving to Barrie with my young daughter eleven years ago replicated that small town experience, within a large city. 

Advocating for local in my career as a Freelance Writer is a lifestyle decision that supports my style of life.  My days evolve around a cycle of community support and in turn the community of Barrie supports me.

Downtown Barrie is the symbolic center of the city; my daily and weekly rituals spiral outward from the core.


With an abundance of natural beauty, the waterfront, walking and biking trails are enhanced by the city’s involvement in the Communities in Bloom Program; this is a gorgeous place to live. Nothing says “good morning” quite like an invigorating jaunt along the bay.

Independently owned cafes and restaurants are delicious choices for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea; shopping is a pleasure when I nibble along Dunlop Street. 

As a locavore it was inevitable that I would become a regular Saturday morning shopper at the Barrie Farmers Market. Hint, if you are not an early riser, many vendors have an email “order in advance system”, so you can roll into market after the rush.

It feels right knowing my dollars are going into the wallet of the farmer or producer who will grow or make food I will eat in a neighbourhood restaurant.

Afternoon shopping turns into Barrie evening. Fine dining flourishes here; attend a gallery opening, film festival movie, live music or theater. The singer songwriter series is a must listen event!

erin corcoran barrie real estate penelope j morrow shopping local

Culture, Barrie has it; summer weekends our waterfront is a hive of activity. Throughout the seasons our city supports the arts with family friendly festivals, including the ever-popular early New Years Eve fireworks for the littles.

Want to dip a paintbrush, hear Sunday afternoon jazz, I know just the place! 

Canada’s finest musicians fill downtown venues with song at two annual Blues and Jazz festivals. I sing their praises in the reviews on my website, as covering those events are favourites of mine. 

My fingers fly on the keyboard when I write to support local, making connections has enriched my palate, flavoured my work and enhanced my life. 

I invest in my community.  

Please join me!


erin corcoran barrie real estate penelope j morrow shopping local 2

Guest post written by Penelope Morrow for Erin Corcoran

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